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This method is that is possible to inspect and measure by the air coupled ultrasonic inspection method and the immersion ultrasonic inspection method both.
You can inspect defects of test object by air coupled ultrasonic inspection, and you can inspect and measure the detail of abnormal part by the immersion ultrasonic inspection.
Air coupled ultrasonic inspection visualizes information of the inside test object as plane image without contact. Furthermore, it is possible to visualize information of depth direction of inside test object as 3D image when you conduct the immersion ultrasonic inspection.

For example, in the inspection of a lithium ion battery, First you can grasp a plane position of defects by air coupled ultrasonic inspection, and then you can inspect the defect part by the immersion inspection method.
You can watch the air coupled ultrasonic inspection and immersion ultrasonic inspection for a lithium ion battery by NAUT21-I on the movie.

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