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Demagnetizer Air Core Coil Type
Manufacturing Iron Parts, especially for Automotive and Electronics Industry, Demagnetizing is essential to remove unwanted magnetic property from parts. We can design and produce various type of Demagnetizer for your selection.
1.Air Core Coil Type
With AC current generated by Air Core Coil Demagnetizer, metal parts can be easily demagnetized by passing the parts through via conveyor or shooter.
Demagnetizer Iron Core Type
2. Iron Core Type
With know-how winding the iron core coil, it generates large constant AC current magnetic field to demagnetize the complex shape parts.
Demagnetizer Handy Demagnetizer
3. Handy Demagnetizer
For big parts which is difficult to passing through Air Core Coil, Handy Demagnetizer generates constant AC Current which demagnetizes the metal parts at lower cost.
Demagnetizer Condenser Type
4. Condenser Type Demagnetizer
With resonance phenomenon of the oil condenser and the coil, it performs a demagnetization with high coercivity material by generating a strong resonant attenuation field.
Demagnetizer Inverter Type
5. Inverter Type Demagnetizer
It generates a constant low frequency alternating magnetic by the inverter control using the IGBT. This allows the inner surface be demagnetized by pass through the inside of the coil.

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