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Magnetic Particle Inspection Unidirectional Magnetizing Method
Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine
Magnetic Particle Inspection is a Non Destructive Testing
Method which is widely used to inspect discontinuity or flaw
on ferromagnetic material parts such as Steel.  This method
begins with magnetizing ferromagnetic part with either
Alternate Current (AC) or some form of Direct Current (DC).
The discontinuity allows the magnetic flux leaks.  The
fluorescent magnetic particle shall build up and form the
visible indication under UV Blacklight on the area
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Machine for Crankshaft
Product Lineup
1.Unidirectional Magnetizing Method : Using either Axial
   Current Flow or Coil Technique.  One direction of  
   discontinuity/flaw shall be clearly indicated.
2.Bidirectional Magnetizing Method : Using both Axial
   Current Flow and Coil Technique.  Two direction of
   discontinuity/flaw shall be clearly indicated.
3.Multidirectional Magnetizing Method : Using special
   design Magnetizing Technique.  Both directions of
   discontinuity/flaw on all surface shall be clearly indicated.
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Machine : Power Unit
Power Unit : We have many types of Power Unit available for variety of Magnetizing Method
    1.Digital Control Single Phase/Three Phase Power Unit
    2.Pulse System Power Unit
    3.Handy Type
Magnetic Particle Inspection Application
    1.Forging Metal Parts
    2.Iron Casting Parts
    3.Powder Metal Sintering Parts
    4.Metal Forming Steel Pipe
    5.Induction Hardening Metal Parts

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